Friday, February 4, 2011

Invisible Suture

Postponing trustful terminology about reality and skewing away from direct feedback requests is very likely to happen online, people fake commiseration just to receive their special brand of cocktail consciousness daily dosage, the addictive practicality based on knowing who’s on the other side of the room is a mere illusion, a jubilee presentation with a traumatic foreclosure, figuring out a orchestrated concept of “them” is hardly a problematic process, annotations about a rhythm of life, prospects for employment, family ties and all sorts of specifications on brothers, sisters, carnivorous plants and furry encased fauna... this is the phenomenal beautification of virtual appetizers, handling out the invitations required for flavoring the emptiness of a boosted up “self” esteem, nothing matters anymore, expect extroverted packages, tender characteristics, cleverness and ease of mind, all of this because there’s no pondering, no newly disturbing proximity of inner thoughts triggered when two people engage in a conversation (real life), the delay we are accustomed to when practicing well directed appropriate responses is gone, thrown out the window, alternative routes aren't required...or are they? Am I wrong?

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