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“This is a normal strand of hair, you see... but for us, it can also be an antenna, Dangst contains organic microchips which embed themselves so deep into our subject skull, this affords us full access to the vision and auditory senses, and... hold down your hats... every word a person thinks...”

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International Women's Day

"It is 2011 and a man is still likely to earn more money than a woman even when doing the same job, you have a far better chance of entering political office or becoming a company director, has a man you’re less likely to be judged for promiscuous behavior which is just as well frankly, and hardly any chance of falling victim to sexual assault, and unlike the thirty thousand women in the UK who loose their jobs annually due to pregnancy there will be virtually no risk to your career if you chose to become a parent or became one accidentally, for someone with such a fondness for women I wonder if you ever considered what it might be like to be one.

The world has changed but the numbers remain stacked against us, women are responsible for two thirds of the work done world wide yet earn any ten percent of the total income and owe one percent of the property, it’s not just about money and power, every year seventy million girls are deprived of even a basic education and a staggering sixty million are sexually assaulted on their way to school, we‘re afraid to walk the streets at night yet some of us are even more afraid to return to our own homes, at least one in four are victims of domestic violence, and every week two women in the UK are killed by a current or former partner, so... are we equals? Until the answer is yes we must never stop asking."

Monday, March 7, 2011

1366 x 768

I tend to believe that every little occurrence is intertwined, every granular aspect in our life dials for an answer, forwarding comments and expecting acceptance while diverting attention, there is an abysmal risk for mistakenly introducing utter nonsense into this formula, judgmental seniority depicts the absence of emotional pursuits, someone willing to love inadvertently calls back for past experiences, defining love is somewhat of a questionable endeavour, something which grows parallel within your own lively being, it’s a constant variable administered throughout our lives even if we aren’t suppose to know about it’s underlining simulations, some allow themselves to elaborate scenarios about rudimentary acquisitions for posteriority, developing a thirst not for the absolute but for uncertainty, this is something that few of us admire or are capable of, by transposing the thicken barrier which obliges us to attribute a need for consumption we are already stepping ahead into the transparent value of real felt feedback, I was fortuned enough to be subjected to a delicacy in the form of a doubt which unveiled something of an interesting follow up I had been thinking about for a long period of my life, again love, the orchestrated dance where meaning denounces the importance for assembling every segment of pairs or groups depending always on the realm of existing love gender, this conundrum presented itself by focusing on the need for this sentiment by differencing between reality and virtual perceived love, I answered by recollecting my own observations, that love is an intangible realization, and that we use our body as a vessel for experimenting with this specific feeling, concluding that a virtual idiom could be similar to it’s real equivalent, I believe that technology abruptly forced itself into our homes indiscriminately handling this new possibility for tangent intimacy without the inherent physical nuisances, there’s no established guarantee that this approach signifies more than of it’s curricular opponent, or vice versa. In this everlasting reign of possibilities writers present themselves to the eventuality of finding some sense of proximity to others, perhaps more closely than everybody else, they are the adventurous ones for whom persistence remains unlocked.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Adapted - [Mono]logue

1) - This inability for crying dismisses all the hidden tears pertaining sentimental battles, my refusal for letting go altogether redefines the demand for emotional bursts, I cried over deathbeds missing the once awaken essence that I cared for, I cry for my wrongfully accusations against loved ones, but these tear ducts of mine are locked real tight until I’m undoubtedly alone, these moments arrive whenever I’m in exile, usually triggered by words present in lyrics or frames in a cinematic endeavor, this is where I get my warm cup of comfort, stupid movies, stupid songs which reflect my precious sightseeing guaranteed as a retribution in a world of artificial people acting temporarily as real people, this is where I comeback every time, to an expedition of one to two hours boxed out love, hate and sorrow, I’ve given up on outsiders who carry their phobias around, their limitations, their special quotes created to induce pain in others, I loved to hate them for a while but then I started to educate myself in pitying their patents on ignorance, I quit laughing knowing that this could hurt someone else, this introduced new means of creating an ability, now I can find beauty in men and women alike, but while my perception of beauty in men deals with character, courage, values, and facial recognizance, my love for women acknowledges their own mysterious perception of emotions accordingly to their surroundings and special entanglement in relationships, this is not worshiping, it’s valuing.

2) - While women feel that men should be more sensitive to their surroundings, most of them teach their children not to cry like little girls, fathers certainly participate by saying things like “Butch up! You’re a man!”, I was raised by my mother and it was she that teached me to hide my sensitivity, she also suffered by having been raised this way and became one of those mothers that doesn’t display any sort of affection while dealing with young children, she failed to deliver positive remarks for my school grades or anything else, when I experienced sex for the first time I was ashamed of my sexuality and my own body, and this created a serious lack of self esteem, It lasted for two years, there was only one person in my life with whom I felt comfortable enough to deviate the attention from my own list of body little annoyances. In this relationship I was bluntly accused of being obsessed with sex, that I couldn’t live without sex, I laughed without giving her a smile or even a smirk because this was at the nearly end, and words couldn’t offend me anymore, I love the sound of caring words, whispering, talking into a mouth, I love kissing, I love hugging, I love spooning, I love touching, caressing hair, lips, bosoms, ears, nose, tongue, I love a woman’s silhouette, I love to do a full scan throughout the entire body, the erogenous areas, I love female pleasure and all it’s derivative constructs, I love sex, but sex is only a fragment of all of this, I’m not a machine and I can’t get motivated for exchanging any of these things mechanically, there’s one fundamental aspect that I always point out about making love, that my own pleasure increases by giving it away more than getting in return, there’s no arrogance, no selfishness in bed, and when there is, you are fighting against the tides pursuing the wrong person, there are lots of women who never experienced orgasms, female ejaculation, only because they are so accustomed to having selfish partners that they don’t care anymore, this is just a small piece of the cake pertaining relationships, but it’s probably the most important bit, exchanging experiences by delivering yourself completely to the other person.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Invisible Suture

Postponing trustful terminology about reality and skewing away from direct feedback requests is very likely to happen online, people fake commiseration just to receive their special brand of cocktail consciousness daily dosage, the addictive practicality based on knowing who’s on the other side of the room is a mere illusion, a jubilee presentation with a traumatic foreclosure, figuring out a orchestrated concept of “them” is hardly a problematic process, annotations about a rhythm of life, prospects for employment, family ties and all sorts of specifications on brothers, sisters, carnivorous plants and furry encased fauna... this is the phenomenal beautification of virtual appetizers, handling out the invitations required for flavoring the emptiness of a boosted up “self” esteem, nothing matters anymore, expect extroverted packages, tender characteristics, cleverness and ease of mind, all of this because there’s no pondering, no newly disturbing proximity of inner thoughts triggered when two people engage in a conversation (real life), the delay we are accustomed to when practicing well directed appropriate responses is gone, thrown out the window, alternative routes aren't required...or are they? Am I wrong?

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Hardening your *

Focusing your pupils by feeding all the brightness in may detach your retina and set you up for progressive blindness, this baffling despair confirmed by the search of a loved one along the seashore line that we are accustomed to has touched everyone’s dreams from time to time, walking barefoot along the foamy water longing for the next tidal pulsation of the heart resolves itself as a construct in your mind, these simple triggers step through as momentous of specialness, part of the instigated stroll of perseverance and curiosity, most people tend to react to their surroundings looking desperately toward similarities among residents of this uncommonly deserted station, abridged from civilization, abridged from misconceptions, missing out the understanding about the obscurity felt through emotional status engulfed by your neighbors inner thoughts, pondering about outsider expectations, rest assured, this is just a adequate symbiotic response pertaining your vulnerability, tasks you schedule while expressing your personal needs, according to your own perception of love and adventurous rites of passage experimenting your own duality every step toward someone else’s boundaries immediately increases their optimal settings for refusal and ignoring solicitation, there are no accomplishments here, there is no infrastructure created to orderly assist in the migrating of soul mates into this place, all participants are distanced from each other and become unsettled by their true inaptitude’s while exchanging ideas for real scenarios, these are clean swept stages where someone despite of their effort to reject panic would annihilate their remaining intrepidity, ramblings about the ridicule of personal doubts wouldn’t be revoked, all of this doesn’t mean that there’s a total absence of competence for fulfilling positive outcomes, it just means that most of us wouldn’t act accordingly to overcome our fears and that this is indeed one of the contiguous recognized cry’s hard to manage, hard to feed, hard to indulge.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The eventuality of a successful relationship results in so arbitrarily that it's unbelievable, similar as trying to get a bowling ball inside a bottle with the cap still in place, having a go at someone forcing them to deal the cards openly is foolish, idiotic, moronic, stupid and the biggest mistake you'll ever accomplish, just saying: I’m in loved with you, I will move in next to you, I will quit my job, I’ll be unemployed for a while, I’ll work in a shitload of different dead end jobs, I’ll beg every day for your acceptance, I will change my ways for you, I’ll behave during your family dinners, I’ll treat the dog for a walk, I’ll do the dishes, cut the grass, clean the toilet, none of that will work, because you are a lowlife scumbag that couldn’t even pick up the garbage and dispose of it correctly, your lack of compliance with everyone else's makes you so insignificant that cats would polish their nails clean using you as a tree, birds would crap on your mouth and you would still be thankful for that extra sweetness in your life, you would be only usable for diverting wild rabid animals outside of residency areas by giving your flesh away for feeding, life is just a stupid fucking way do suffer miserably, again and again and again and again and again and again and again, yeah, also you would end up writing shitty posts in shitty blogs like this one that have no actual people interested in reading whatever you have to say, so there it is, one more bolt driven into your memories, one forced fed jackhammer into your thick skull that leads you incorrectly every time, forever unhappy driving into the eternal limbo, fuck you blog, you’re useless as a therapeutic tool, fuck you very much.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Tokens of Malnutrition

The inevitability of death is something I did overcome a long time ago, observing the despair and suffering of someone may work differently depending on who or what is targeted, having been raised by a divorced working mother my enthusiastic access to television in the 80’s while a kid diverted my attention from people’s values, the continuous flow of media directly into my brain continues to reverberate even until today, although I finally stopped consuming, everyone else’s hasn’t and it continues to be their main focus in life, I reached a somewhat strange situation where everything lost it’s purpose in my life including people, so even if I do react emotionally there’s a possible lack of real felt brainstorming, behaving rationally is a must but there’s also a scalable platform where I can’t sustain my inflexibility, that’s when I succumb to uncontrolled suffering, I usually don’t say everything I think worrying about causing some sort of distress in people but there’s always room for outbursts, where most disguise their true nature I deliver it in a platter, my likes or dislikes are unavoidable and that has caused me lots of problems, wondering about meanings or concatenating beliefs, crying about differences or even discussing the afterlife is just a tiny part of the whole process, we are undefined universes ourselves.

( Mass media brainwashes your intellect, broadcasted reality distortions create remarkable strange phobias in everybody who attends these obviously damaging creations, planners scan human curiosity for what's morbid and act accordingly, it’s the worst case scenario of perpetually polluting the mind )

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Incisely Settings

Sculpting ideological stances resorting to someone’s lack of cognitive ability is a popular trend among subsets of religious authoritarian regimes, misshaping an already debilitated awareness juggling with something as unreliable as personal belief introduces a plethora of possibilities for the opinionated, envisioned redemption imprisons the mind and the sense for individualism, the rejection of interlinked disparities evolves into a serious bypassing of creative analysis, this rewiring of the brain detaches itself from the assumed physical vessel while partially replacing our mechanics, this way: love, hate, despair, empathy, sexuality assume the form of new unrecognized stages, the accomplished schematics suddenly reach their expiration date and if someone’s past “deviations” overflow the new system of instigated rules one must beware of repercussive measures taken by the community, something as strong as the willingness to disrupt lives should not dictate restricting values and allow the practice of denying ones sensible requirement for personal accomplishments, even if mystification and discipline simultaneously occupy the pulpit there’s no reason for limiting our unpredictable unfocused learnability, even when there’s a need for compliance one should practice intuitively outside the reign of hysteria which certainly bridges the climate changes with the deployment of the planet with a renewal process we are all observing and the suggested clarification and possible salvation offered by some sects, overindulging personal or political views is something I’m not acquainted with or even feel the urge to do so.

(I do believe in renewal and that our collective consciousness or the lack of it is so destructive that there's an obvious evidence that our own arrogance and incompatibility with all living beings depleted the process of nature's way of correcting unbalanced proceedings, human's are flawed and it's improbable that most will overcome this deficiency of perception, we are all god’s therefore we are superior to all existing creations)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Labels & Rules of Etiquette

Gradually derogatory attempts interfere with ones self disciplined measures for stipulating a set of boundaries while acquiring certain particularities, demeaning the nature of consciousness orderly serves a purposed adjustment of inconsequent liability, ones palate indispositions deals with this awkward sobriety accordingly, upset disgusted swelling of the cheeks impeaches something that can only be qualified as poignant pain, rejecting this spiced up affliction burns into the skin even deeper, despicable attributions for this insane method occur whenever a crow passes right through this room.

The Insanely Brilliance Of Charlie

Monday, January 17, 2011


Infatuating about deviations of your septum immediately after massive cocaine consumption can be easily mistaken as an abusive request for limelight misbehaving, I just know that you are somehow accustomed to stare at your jeans and wonder why there are bits of pink vomit and urine stains splattered all around, it’s time for some serious intervention from your friends and all of us, worrying about being locked in a windowless dark room semi comatose in the floor with some drunk biker boy on top of you serving himself of the cum bucket that you are is your lesser problem, uncontrolled bowel movements, injured hands and feet may seem particularly trendy or beautiful to photograph in department stores and whatnot but I still have hopes that even if you reached this degrading stage at twenty you can still try to emend your life, drugs are of common use for college dorm gang bang parties but you won’t like to have your children google for pornography later on just to find their mommy widely spread filling the whole desktop as a wallpaper won’t you? Please try to figure out your life and stop picking up psychologically disturbed war efforts into the house at late hours. Post Scriptum: Stop bragging about your sexual expeditions with geriatric patients in the community center please!!! I am one of your 3851 friends in facebook alright?! Cut me some slack!!!

Bio Adversity Overlay

Trails left encumbered by tentacles spoken in between trees, being able to palpate vibrations in the soft mist which inhabits this place serves as a displacement index, decaying movements are limited by it’s left jointed knee pustules, fresh berries growing in proximity are untouched by the process of absorption yet their contents are emptied clean without a visible trace, the atmosphere is so dense you could take a grab of it has it would glue perfectly tight into your teeth cavities, where most would have failed to survive ostracized by their immensely incompatible biology, this small mutated being not bigger than a tiny salamander delivers an awkwardness to others and a commitment which will certainly endure it’s evolution prowess.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just like Honey

The frailty of the hair pierced suit condoned to a silhouette of randomness, the intrinsic value of injected breezes induces a paraphernalia of sweetness barely noticeable to the touch, sustained notes of appreciative desire travel over the surface slightly colliding with our audible perception, warm localized centers of fulfillment interact with our susceptibility for reasoning, mistakenly concepts of portrayed interaction suddenly create outbursts of pleasurable tingling, all ends well with unpredictable implosions provoked by the proximity of conceptual eden.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pragmatism 101 (recalibrated random bursts)

Territoriality killed the cat, curiosity was wrongfully accused of that crime, there wasn't a factual proof for suspicious involvement.

Undoubtedly one can measure for a more elaborate plan of creative design just by observing the instance a single rain drop touches the surface of the ocean.

Alcohol may reassure itself as a precursor of disinhibition, but it’s also a cementer of aggression.

Motiveless pervasive thinking may dictate the acquirement of multiple layers of belief, but the correspondent stylization and reception of thoughts will eventually downfall into oblivion.

The vanity of erroneous interpretation is only superseded by our own ignorance.

I wouldn’t dare to gain authority over certain quotes just because I can attribute some of their meaning to a fragment of my own definition of idealizing.

I only enjoy television because I can’t re-imagine without background noise.

I’m tired of saving my universe of things; I’ll dedicate the rest of existence just trying to recover my own self.

My sideburns are curling outward the minimal accepted visible area, which is exhaustively advertised by society as misbehaving.

There is a sense of fake exhilaration in our thoughts, because while our ideas float freely, our brain is physically restrained and imprisoned by it’s own cage…

Love is not a revolutionary biochemical nonsense, it’s not just a release of serotonin and endorphins, it behaves as an intangible so that you can listen to your heart loudly rejoicing after every beat it takes.

In a life driven out of purpose a mere bird dropping on your head introduces a plethora of possibilities.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Fallacy of Redundancy

The particularities involving diversification according to society divert from my own focused rationalization, a purposely declared factual implementation eases the substitution of an elaborate crossed referenced analysis, by carefully handling dictated objectives one reassures a sub dominium where certain restraints act against the individual need for self acquirement, detracting from the need of constructed proper dialup reconnections is bounded by an involuntary absense of cognitive ability, relying alone on personal quests results only in delivering a complementary fix for instant gratification, instead the one must acknowledge integrity while respecting the intellectual spheres of everyone’s else. Influencing or intercepting newly created rhetorical diagrams may result in vegetative states of mind, thus generating a personality prone to the ease of sensitive triggered trials defined by manipulative groups, for whom self-retribution orders the lack of moral prerogatives.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Electricity rapidly descending into the wet dirt bridging through a full sequence of massive drops is nature’s interesting way of advertising: “Fuck ya all, I’m vastly superior to humanity, fuck your pimped up Chevrolet's, there’s no sleeping tonight, my unannounced whispering will extinguish all your beloved possessions”.