Sunday, January 31, 2010

Perishable Delight

Taking a door knob right in the face, as good as the hangover after a mouthwash late night party, she corrected me the whole time, it wasn't acceptable so I took her by the thumbs and hammered three thin gold platted spikes right under her fingernails, the blood piped even faster in between heartbeats and her index finger worked like a sprinkler system, I felt a cold stroke and some sweat running down my forehead...
- She's still twitching..... f...u...c...k!!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

wava pour-re

Metallic sugar coated small spheres rolling over from right to left, up to bottom on a glass surface brushed clean with a mixture of bottled water and castor oil, the heated copper plate placed on top would oscillate erratically with temperatures from minus twenty degrees to a upper peak where water would evaporate releasing a sweetened smell, this result was the combination of the sugar layers applied into the tiny spheres and the water portion of the spilled blended layer in the bottom surface, a fast process but a inefficient one, this would create an instant where too much friction got produced and the whole weight could cause multiple cracks on the glass, the whole process could be repeated but it couldn't be attempted for more than a limited amount of retries, the separated lost pieces would eventually need replacement.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Inaptitude to Follow

This is a complete eviction of a non reasonable and nasty attitude which can contribute to a insatiable destructive bad taste during the usual daily dressup, a minor incorrection in the brain they told me, it used to be as simple as cutting a slice of bread, when some portion of the brain wouldn’t work I could deploy some nano’s and a strange fluid was immediately rejected by my temporary host, a small amount of brownish substance would come out from it's nostrils, yep... brownish, it felt like scrapping crap from the upper lip, It couldn’t even grow a tiny mustache...shitbits come to mind.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

me part unliteral of the

As interactive as a cup of rice, lowering the bar and institutionalizing the brand new set of rules for our post absorbed randomized selection, set the crummy blacken ones aside to the grinder, skip incarceration, cut back on detention expenses and send the whole lot to the mortuary, in-ad-e-quate, sort of mentally discharged or contraproductive in a very special way, recurrent acronyms leave a strange taste of dryness in the mouth, even when reading from multiple banners pinned onto aqueducts.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The outcome is always irregular, exercising our attention span methodology throughout a small subset of our lifeline does not imply that we can actually comply with all stipulated deadlines, "self-improvement is masturbation" when we run around empty headed showing the globes, statuettes and utter nonsense physical representations of social status, we are still skin, flesh and bone, rejoicing about our own juvenal fantasy land does not help others, an exponential increase in popularity does not mean that we are essential to others, that we are important… Do, help, say, think and share all our instantiated positivism with everyone else, without demanding any feedback or even playing the pretentious publicly visible asynchronous showroom that most of us like soooooo much.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Even with the minuscule notebook screen cracked, even if it was catapulted back and put away against the polished concrete wall, the mirrored flowers vase in the reflected surface seemed to be just a few inches away from my bare feet, one sock in, one somewhere in between the piles of books used to level my desk.
- I was almost breaking it you stupid cunt!!! Why the fuck did you do that???
Mixing one of my favorite liquor winter friendly beverages with mint and vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate mousse, sprinkled with a few bits of walnuts dipped in caramel became a goddamn art, one step over our day to day species motionless evolution, I skipped the dreadful visit to the local coffee shop near the newspapers stand altogether, what a waste of life it was I thought, there's no benefits at all in the long run, exercise scales up your heart rate and you live less.
- Is this the kind of depraved assistance that you are willing to give me, pushing me so that I fall on my ass???

(to continue)

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Resurgence - Vol 0

If it doesn’t make any sense at all, it’s because it was written so it wouldn’t pass a 1st stage of understanding as usually expected, we can schedule our car payments, apartment loans, trick the irs or buy a bigger fish tank, it really doesn’t matter, there’s always the predominant question about the big picture where constructed sentences allow us to set different sequenced patterns or even multiple meaningless directives, besides or own fancy little playground everything reacts indifferently of individual restrictions, it’s an extensible chaotic fuel for thought.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Detached Pulpit

Canto Definido* v(...): The apologetic interpretation approved while interacting with a mosaic catalog (sectioned by color, texture and percentage of reflexiveness), the brand new revised and rewinding of self directed narcissistic dispatched commentaries or a renewed way to re-channel addressed sexual arousal's, a one week walkabout drilling deeply into fictional ripped apart motifs, the product of contemporary social recreated insanity built upon unnecessary technological facilities, simply put: repositioning.

(trip-wired hosts, self denial & nothingness)