Friday, January 22, 2010

Inaptitude to Follow

This is a complete eviction of a non reasonable and nasty attitude which can contribute to a insatiable destructive bad taste during the usual daily dressup, a minor incorrection in the brain they told me, it used to be as simple as cutting a slice of bread, when some portion of the brain wouldn’t work I could deploy some nano’s and a strange fluid was immediately rejected by my temporary host, a small amount of brownish substance would come out from it's nostrils, yep... brownish, it felt like scrapping crap from the upper lip, It couldn’t even grow a tiny mustache...shitbits come to mind.

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continuando assim... said...

passei para dizer..

( o "continuando assim", já não continua assim... Hoje, Estilhaçamos Ampulhetas ... )