Saturday, January 16, 2010


Even with the minuscule notebook screen cracked, even if it was catapulted back and put away against the polished concrete wall, the mirrored flowers vase in the reflected surface seemed to be just a few inches away from my bare feet, one sock in, one somewhere in between the piles of books used to level my desk.
- I was almost breaking it you stupid cunt!!! Why the fuck did you do that???
Mixing one of my favorite liquor winter friendly beverages with mint and vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate mousse, sprinkled with a few bits of walnuts dipped in caramel became a goddamn art, one step over our day to day species motionless evolution, I skipped the dreadful visit to the local coffee shop near the newspapers stand altogether, what a waste of life it was I thought, there's no benefits at all in the long run, exercise scales up your heart rate and you live less.
- Is this the kind of depraved assistance that you are willing to give me, pushing me so that I fall on my ass???

(to continue)

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