Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The eventuality of a successful relationship results in so arbitrarily that it's unbelievable, similar as trying to get a bowling ball inside a bottle with the cap still in place, having a go at someone forcing them to deal the cards openly is foolish, idiotic, moronic, stupid and the biggest mistake you'll ever accomplish, just saying: I’m in loved with you, I will move in next to you, I will quit my job, I’ll be unemployed for a while, I’ll work in a shitload of different dead end jobs, I’ll beg every day for your acceptance, I will change my ways for you, I’ll behave during your family dinners, I’ll treat the dog for a walk, I’ll do the dishes, cut the grass, clean the toilet, none of that will work, because you are a lowlife scumbag that couldn’t even pick up the garbage and dispose of it correctly, your lack of compliance with everyone else's makes you so insignificant that cats would polish their nails clean using you as a tree, birds would crap on your mouth and you would still be thankful for that extra sweetness in your life, you would be only usable for diverting wild rabid animals outside of residency areas by giving your flesh away for feeding, life is just a stupid fucking way do suffer miserably, again and again and again and again and again and again and again, yeah, also you would end up writing shitty posts in shitty blogs like this one that have no actual people interested in reading whatever you have to say, so there it is, one more bolt driven into your memories, one forced fed jackhammer into your thick skull that leads you incorrectly every time, forever unhappy driving into the eternal limbo, fuck you blog, you’re useless as a therapeutic tool, fuck you very much.

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