Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hardening your *

Focusing your pupils by feeding all the brightness in may detach your retina and set you up for progressive blindness, this baffling despair confirmed by the search of a loved one along the seashore line that we are accustomed to has touched everyone’s dreams from time to time, walking barefoot along the foamy water longing for the next tidal pulsation of the heart resolves itself as a construct in your mind, these simple triggers step through as momentous of specialness, part of the instigated stroll of perseverance and curiosity, most people tend to react to their surroundings looking desperately toward similarities among residents of this uncommonly deserted station, abridged from civilization, abridged from misconceptions, missing out the understanding about the obscurity felt through emotional status engulfed by your neighbors inner thoughts, pondering about outsider expectations, rest assured, this is just a adequate symbiotic response pertaining your vulnerability, tasks you schedule while expressing your personal needs, according to your own perception of love and adventurous rites of passage experimenting your own duality every step toward someone else’s boundaries immediately increases their optimal settings for refusal and ignoring solicitation, there are no accomplishments here, there is no infrastructure created to orderly assist in the migrating of soul mates into this place, all participants are distanced from each other and become unsettled by their true inaptitude’s while exchanging ideas for real scenarios, these are clean swept stages where someone despite of their effort to reject panic would annihilate their remaining intrepidity, ramblings about the ridicule of personal doubts wouldn’t be revoked, all of this doesn’t mean that there’s a total absence of competence for fulfilling positive outcomes, it just means that most of us wouldn’t act accordingly to overcome our fears and that this is indeed one of the contiguous recognized cry’s hard to manage, hard to feed, hard to indulge.

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