Sunday, January 23, 2011

Incisely Settings

Sculpting ideological stances resorting to someone’s lack of cognitive ability is a popular trend among subsets of religious authoritarian regimes, misshaping an already debilitated awareness juggling with something as unreliable as personal belief introduces a plethora of possibilities for the opinionated, envisioned redemption imprisons the mind and the sense for individualism, the rejection of interlinked disparities evolves into a serious bypassing of creative analysis, this rewiring of the brain detaches itself from the assumed physical vessel while partially replacing our mechanics, this way: love, hate, despair, empathy, sexuality assume the form of new unrecognized stages, the accomplished schematics suddenly reach their expiration date and if someone’s past “deviations” overflow the new system of instigated rules one must beware of repercussive measures taken by the community, something as strong as the willingness to disrupt lives should not dictate restricting values and allow the practice of denying ones sensible requirement for personal accomplishments, even if mystification and discipline simultaneously occupy the pulpit there’s no reason for limiting our unpredictable unfocused learnability, even when there’s a need for compliance one should practice intuitively outside the reign of hysteria which certainly bridges the climate changes with the deployment of the planet with a renewal process we are all observing and the suggested clarification and possible salvation offered by some sects, overindulging personal or political views is something I’m not acquainted with or even feel the urge to do so.

(I do believe in renewal and that our collective consciousness or the lack of it is so destructive that there's an obvious evidence that our own arrogance and incompatibility with all living beings depleted the process of nature's way of correcting unbalanced proceedings, human's are flawed and it's improbable that most will overcome this deficiency of perception, we are all god’s therefore we are superior to all existing creations)

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