Monday, January 17, 2011


Infatuating about deviations of your septum immediately after massive cocaine consumption can be easily mistaken as an abusive request for limelight misbehaving, I just know that you are somehow accustomed to stare at your jeans and wonder why there are bits of pink vomit and urine stains splattered all around, it’s time for some serious intervention from your friends and all of us, worrying about being locked in a windowless dark room semi comatose in the floor with some drunk biker boy on top of you serving himself of the cum bucket that you are is your lesser problem, uncontrolled bowel movements, injured hands and feet may seem particularly trendy or beautiful to photograph in department stores and whatnot but I still have hopes that even if you reached this degrading stage at twenty you can still try to emend your life, drugs are of common use for college dorm gang bang parties but you won’t like to have your children google for pornography later on just to find their mommy widely spread filling the whole desktop as a wallpaper won’t you? Please try to figure out your life and stop picking up psychologically disturbed war efforts into the house at late hours. Post Scriptum: Stop bragging about your sexual expeditions with geriatric patients in the community center please!!! I am one of your 3851 friends in facebook alright?! Cut me some slack!!!

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Anonymous said...

Funny, Tragic and all to often true. Zoe