Monday, January 24, 2011

Tokens of Malnutrition

The inevitability of death is something I did overcome a long time ago, observing the despair and suffering of someone may work differently depending on who or what is targeted, having been raised by a divorced working mother my enthusiastic access to television in the 80’s while a kid diverted my attention from people’s values, the continuous flow of media directly into my brain continues to reverberate even until today, although I finally stopped consuming, everyone else’s hasn’t and it continues to be their main focus in life, I reached a somewhat strange situation where everything lost it’s purpose in my life including people, so even if I do react emotionally there’s a possible lack of real felt brainstorming, behaving rationally is a must but there’s also a scalable platform where I can’t sustain my inflexibility, that’s when I succumb to uncontrolled suffering, I usually don’t say everything I think worrying about causing some sort of distress in people but there’s always room for outbursts, where most disguise their true nature I deliver it in a platter, my likes or dislikes are unavoidable and that has caused me lots of problems, wondering about meanings or concatenating beliefs, crying about differences or even discussing the afterlife is just a tiny part of the whole process, we are undefined universes ourselves.

( Mass media brainwashes your intellect, broadcasted reality distortions create remarkable strange phobias in everybody who attends these obviously damaging creations, planners scan human curiosity for what's morbid and act accordingly, it’s the worst case scenario of perpetually polluting the mind )

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