Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Fallacy of Redundancy

The particularities involving diversification according to society divert from my own focused rationalization, a purposely declared factual implementation eases the substitution of an elaborate crossed referenced analysis, by carefully handling dictated objectives one reassures a sub dominium where certain restraints act against the individual need for self acquirement, detracting from the need of constructed proper dialup reconnections is bounded by an involuntary absense of cognitive ability, relying alone on personal quests results only in delivering a complementary fix for instant gratification, instead the one must acknowledge integrity while respecting the intellectual spheres of everyone’s else. Influencing or intercepting newly created rhetorical diagrams may result in vegetative states of mind, thus generating a personality prone to the ease of sensitive triggered trials defined by manipulative groups, for whom self-retribution orders the lack of moral prerogatives.

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